Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Eash family. We took the girls to Goshen up town to all the business, my mom also came. The business pass out candy from 12 to 5pm some of the store even ran out of candy because they has such a good turn out. The weather was wonderful, Thanks Auntie Ali (that's what Alyssa kept on saying.) Ali gave us a wonderful day mommy. The girls had a blast they both practice all morning long on saying trick or treat. Last year we couldn't get Alyssa to say it at all and Chastity wasn't old enough yet. But this year we got them both to say it. Alyssa couldn't get over how many little kids their were all dress up. Then we all went to dinner at Applebees and got to see Na-Na Eash. Alyssa kept on trying to flew every time the wind would blow her wings. And Chastity would say Go Notre Dame. We sure did get a lot of comments on her outfit. Chastity pumpkin bucket was getting so heavy that she would push it all the way up to her shoulder to hold on to it. And she didn't want anyone else to hold it for her. I think that they both got about 5 pounds of candy. I think that were set for a couple of months.
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Addi said...

They are so CUTE! What nice weather today for trick-or-treating! :)