Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm the type of person that I will always remember everything. I can go back years and still know what happen what we did. Just like today I was getting ready to go and be with Alison for a few days. Every since Alison has pass I find myself looking at the clock at 7pm or close to 7pm. I have been seeing butterflies everywhere. At the funeral there was one on the truck. Then we went back to say good bye and there we tons flying around. When we got home a friend of mine Lindsay and her family had sent a card and there was butterflies on it. And then yesterday Chad and I were sitting outside and one landed by him he held his finger out and it got on then I did the same and I got to hold it also. I think that it's Alison showing me that she is still around. i still think that I can pick up the phone a press speed dial #3 and call her. Chad came up with an idea for me to get a journal and write when I went to talk to her so then when we go down I can read it to her.

I made the decision on Friday to start growing my hair out again. I was planning on starting in September but I'm starting now. I then will cut it off and donate in Alison's name once it is long enough. I'm not for sure how long it will take but it's something that I plan on doing over and over.


Darcy said...

What an amazing gift God gave you witht he butterflies. I'm sure you'll always think of her when you see one.

I've donated my hair once and am in the process of growing it again. It gets (super) annoying but it is something you will never regret. Promise. =)

Chantelle said...

I've been noticing little yellow butterflies since her service as well. They were flying around outside there when I went out with Kimberly's girls.

Also, I wanted to share with you... When my great-grandma passed, my great aunt made bears out of some of her clothing. My bear is from one of her favorite robes. It is something that I still cherish today, 11 years later. If someone is talented with making stuff that could be a nice thing for the girls. I can send you pictures if you would like...