Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sleep over

Okay, so I got to Alison's about 6 ish on Friday. The drive was great 2 hours of quiet time with no little girls was wonderful. Heather was already there and Kim got there a little after I did. Alison was awake for awhile and then needed some medicine so she was out of it for most of the night. But we did give her a bath and got her so fresh and so clean. She would wake up for a few minutes at a time and need some water. Not that it matter to any of us that she was sleeping , it was just great to have all of us four under one roof. It's been so long that we have all slept in the same room. It felt like summer camp not that I have ever been but still. You should of seen the set up that we had. Alison's room wasn't to big but we made it work with two cots and one big sleep recliner. We did a lot of talking, laughing, and taking pictures. I don't have all the picture's because we took some on Heather's camera but there a few from the night. My nieces Christine made us cookies that were so good. Thank you Christine. We shut lights out at 2am but didn't stop talking until 2:30am. Tom had went home and fell asleep by 9pm so he woke up and couldn't fall back asleep so he came in about 4:30am. He just wanted to see he's wife, which was fine we had no problem with it. I at first thought it was the nurse checking in on Alison, I'm so blind without my contacts or glasses on. We all got up and went to radiation with Alison, Kim rode over in the ambulance with her and Heather and I walk over. Well the computer was down and they had been working on it before we got there so they continued to work on it and couldn't fix it. So she didn't get radiation at all on Saturday. They had to get a new part for it flown in from Vegas and a tech would be there today to fix it. Which was disappointing because they gave her Atavin before she went so she was out of it for the rest of the day. All six of us kids were all there together on Saturday for the first time. I'm so glad that we have such a close family.


Brandy said...

I'm a sorority sister of Alison's and have been keeping up with yours, Tom's and Alison's posts. I myself have 4 sisters and know how great it feels to all be under the same roof once in awhile. I am praying for Alison and your family. Thank you for the post about the slumber makes me realize that I shouldn't take my loved ones for granted.

God Bless!

Darcy said...

what a cool sleepover... I know you'll never forget it. I'm praying for you too, Rene. Hang on, okay?

In The Presence Of A Miracle said...

I am there with ya Rene!Hold each other close and don't look back. I am so glad you got your sleep over. Give our girl love for us! Love to you all and lots of prayers!


Anonymous said...

Rene, I just heard about Alison. I am so sorry! Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I love you!