Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Na-Na

Yesterday was Na- Na with the green cars birthday (Chad's Mom). That's what the girls call her because my Mom and Chad's Mom have the same car just a different color.We took her out to eat with Chad's brother Rusty and his kids. At first I didn't really wasn't to do anything or even go out of the house. I didn't feel like smiling or talking to other people. But then I could hear Alison telling me "go and have fun ". I did get somethings done around the house though. It was a mess clothes in baskets, clothes still in suitcases, and clothes that needed to be wash. I'm a very organizes person and this past week I haven't been. I wasn't in control of things that went on. At this time in my life I am so happy that I get to be a stay at home mom. It has made all of this a lot easier to deal with. My sister Heather had her first day of school yesterday and I know that she wasn't looking forward to it. Today I am going to spend the day with the girls outside and hanging out by the lake. They have also been through a lot with going here, staying there, and not getting the sleep they need. They still ask about Ali or for Ali and even for Tom. And it still is very hard to answer them I tear up. Just this morning Alyssa was drawing and she said here's a picture for Ali. I said remember Ali in Heaven with the Angels yes I know but she can see my picture that I drew for her. So I know that she is getting more and more everyday.

I added a few pictures from dinner and the one of the girls is what we gave Na-Na for her birthday. The dresses the girls are wearing is what they wore for Ali's funeral and the flowers there holding is some that we had brought home from the viewing. The house has never smelled so good with fresh flowers all over.


Kimberly said...

I am sure it must have been hard but I am glad you went out. Keep taking those babysteps and before you knwo it you will be running again. She would want you to do that. Just remember Ali wanted to live and stay with us longer and we have to honor her by living life to the fullest ourselves. At some point when the shock wears off and you start getting back into your rhythm you will get there. Hang in and the girls pic is so precious!


Sarah said...

Your girls are so incredibly cute!! I love the top pic!

And I know we both experienced very different things but I found that getting out of the house and "forgetting" for a few hours made things so much easier to cope with. It's so hard to grasp that life goes on after death but it does... and every day will get easier!