Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sum of the weekend and Monday

Chastity and Micah swimming. Chastity and Landen on the tube.

Chad playiong corn. hole Alyssa swimming and Katy and I.

Friday was just a day of hanging out and getting Alyssa ready for preschool. She can spell her whole name now. She was having problem with the "N" in RENE she would call it "M". But I taught her a little trick that if you turn a "M" upside down and draw a line across the top then it will make a triangle. We also had our weekly trip to Wal-Mart,I talk about that in my last blog. Saturday was family day and no TV all day. We spent the day out on the lake, going on boat rides, and swimming at the sandbar. Later in the evening Laramie (Chad's niece) came down and spent the night.
Sunday we spent the whole day at the lake with Katy and family. We played corn hole, laid out, swimming, and cooking out. It was really hot out but there's only so many days left before we have to be inside for months. I hope this winter wont be so cold so we can do family things outside. We also went and got Chad's other niece Olivia and she stay the night with Laramie.
Monday we all got up at 7:00am to get the girls ready to take them to Goshen for school. Alyssa woke at 6:30am so no big deal for her but we had to wake Chastity up. Got the girls to school on time and then we went and saw my Mom for awhile. Came home and took the recycling, trash, and things to the goodwill box. I made the girls get rid of some of there stuff animals, they had so many. Alyssa was fine with it, she knows that it will go to some other boy or girl that could use them. Chastity didn't really seem to care as long as her babies got to stay.

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