Friday, August 01, 2008

Radiation on the spine

So much has change in the past few days. When I was there you could talk to Tom once and then two hours later it could all have change. And it is the same way now. The day that I left, Alison was getting an MRI on her spine and it showed new tumor around her spine and inside of her spinal chord. So that would be the cause of her not having any balance, she's lost the feeling and motor-control of both of her legs. That started when I was there on Tuesday. The new tumor is the cause of that. We weren't for sure if she would be able to do radiation because you can't do it in the same spot twice. But it was confirmed that she can. She will be going today to get map out and mark so she can start radiation and maybe even get to do one round today. So for now her head is put on hold because the back is more of a factor now. She no longer has to be on oxygen. My sister Heather and her friend Liz came over and decorated the room with paper flowers, helium balloons, and beach-themed paraphernalia. So I have been told that the room looks really nice. I was also told that she blew her nose and blew out a clot of blood last night due to the oxygen drying out her noise. Her nose bled for a long time. They gave her a bag of platelets to make sure the nose doesn't continue to bleed which is great she was really low on them. Her catheter stopped working also. When I spoke to Tom this morning he said that they had to flush it again during the night.
I spoke to her yesterday and this morning and it's been wonderful to be able to have a conversation with her. Before she was so out of it that it was hard to talk to her. She was a lot more awake yesterday. I will be leaving today to go down there. Chastity has a doctor appointment that I have reschedule two times now so I thought I should keep it. So I can't leave until about 3pm. Chad and the girls will be staying home and I'll be going down by myself. Chad has been so great and helping out as much as he can, I have always been happy that I'm a stay at home mom but now and even more happy about it now. I can go and leave whenever I need it. My two other sisters Kim and Heather will also be there were going to have a sleep over with Alison. Were all three going to be staying the night with her. It 's going to feel like were little again I can't wait! It's the little things that mean so much to me. I think that life is taking for granted at times but that is one thing that I learned in the past two and half years not to take things for granted. I'm sure for some that is easier said then done. My family is so important to me without any of them I would not be the person that I am today.


Stephanie said...

Im so happy for you that you get to go down by yourself! I know you will enjoy every second of it!! Goodluck!

kblum said...


Stay strong and have a great time with your sisters at the sleepover. Tell Alison I said hi and I have been praying for her and your whole family!