Friday, August 22, 2008

Feedback ....Please

Ali and Kimberly had talked about many times the idea of a bracelet for Neuroendocrine Cancer Research. What frustrated her was that there are all these colors flying around for different kinds of cancers and diseases but nothing specific for her type of cancer. She had to pick the general color that represented all the other types of cancer. Kimberly has done some research and she found a company to make some custom silicone wrist bands as a memorial for Ali and also a fundraiser to continue on with what she had started. It's so crazy that I had this talk with Kimberly the other day because I had always had this thought that we should have some kind of bracelet for Alison (when we first found out) but never got any made. I will be working along with Kimberly and hopefully many other people to get this ball rolling. So what do we need from you? Well, Alison said that she likes blue. Well more like a teal-blue. So we are going to include some colors and we want you to vote on which color we should go with. We are limited to 25 characters so I also need like some suggestions as to what words/letters/characters to put on the bracelets. Post a phrase, bible verse, something Alison would like or that we all can remember her by. Remember 25 characters! We will then do a poll. So please send us your feedback. Also, let us know if you are interested in buying one. We have also talk about selling them at some store in S.C. and also at some stores here in IN. I'm not really for sure where at yet here but if any of you know anyone that would like to help with this cause please let me know too. We will probably set this up via PayPal and ship it out via USPS. So please post a comment and help us out. Please click on the following link and look at the Light Blue wristband and the Teal wristband. After you are done please participate in the poll.

I also have to add the phase from the day

Alyssa was asking me for a cookie. I was in the middle of making my list for things to get at Wal-Mart and ask her to wait until I was done. She then answer me with "Mom give me a cookie or I'm going to call the police on you" It just put the biggest smile on my face. It's so funny how these little girls come up with these funny things.

Then on our way home from Wal-Mart, I only had Chastity with me. I turn around to see Chastity with her arms out of her straps to her car seat and she is leaning over and unbuckling the seat bleat. I couldn't believe it so then I pick up my phone to call Chad to tell him what she did and she started yelling "no phone don't call Daddy". I was glad that we were on the road that we live on and not on 15 when this happened.

Thank you GOD for giving me these two little girls because it's easier to live on.


Anonymous said...

you don't know me but i'm one of tom's sister's friends. i came across your site from alison's and toms and happened to read about these wristbands. for my special needs class we had some wristbands and on the inside was a website. you can pick two different colors and put a swirl in it or just one solid color. also you can pick what font and obviously the message. i'm not sure if there is a character limit though. just thought i'd let you know about another site if you were interested.

Carlye Snider

Kimberly said...

So that is how I get a cookie huh? Man she is a smart one! Watch out momma! And yes, thank you God for our little girls. What would we do without them. Too sweet, too preious. We don't deserve it do we? Hope you got some rest!


Anonymous said...

That is a wondferful idea! I love it! I will think about something to write! I am drawing a blank. I will for sure buy some.


Anonymous said...

Where do we vote and where do we send our suggestions? Hope you are well. Been thinking a lot about you and your family!


kblum said...

Im in for it all. I will try to come up with some sayings, but you know I like the Dream for Ali. I will call you soon after the research.

Katie Blum

Shannon said...

Hi Rene. I've followed Alison, Tom, and your blogs thru everything. I'm friends with Sarah and Darcy. I like the teal best but like the idea of a swirl bracelet. I'm looking for a verse that would speak to many people. I'm praying that God would lead me to the perfect one :)