Thursday, August 07, 2008

Getting Alison ready

The picture to the left is one of mine, Katy, and Ali's favorite picture's.

Today, I went and got Alison ready Katy went with me for the support. I painted her nails and helped with her make-up. I went back when the hair dresser got there to help with her hair. I know that some of you might think, how could you I 'm sure it was hard for you. And yes it was but it also was to help me through this. I wanted her to be and look as much like ALI as she could. These past few days have been a blurry. There is a lot on my mind and a lot to do, but it helps keep my mind from thinking about ALI all the time. Not that I shouldn't but I know that this is the circle off life and it all must go on. Every person is here for a reason and ALI was here too help others learn to not take things for grated and she did that. We got a new member to the family today. We have ALI and TOM'S kitty Paisley. Most of you that know me well I have always said I will never have a kitty. Well guess you should never say never. It's great that we now have a little piece of ALI. And the girls just LOVE that we have her. I can hear in my head ALI telling Alyssa be EASY she doesn't like it, pet her this way.

Thank you for all the support and thoughts.


Darcy said...

I am glad that helping her get ready was healing.. and how cool that you have a new member of the family. =)

Stephanie said...

I cant believe you actually got a kitty! Im glad that you got her! You are so strong to be able to do what you did today, Im not sure I could have done it if I were in that position. But you, just like Alison, have always been so strong!!!

Jamie said...

Your sister was a great person!!! I met her when I moved to Beaufort from Indiana as well. We worked at the law office together, and often went to lunch together!!! She even invited me to spend the night with her while Tom was away for work, when they lived in base housing!!! Her and Tom attend my husband and I's little wedding in Downtown Beaufort!! My husband is also a Marine. It is good to hear that helping get her ready is helping you. My husband and I plan to attend her services tomorrow. Sending prayers your way and your families. May Alison rest in Peace.

God Bless,

Jamie Deschamps